ETSU Career Resources Checklist

Career Services is moving May 7, 2018!

The new location is Nell Dossett Hall, 3rd Floor ETSU Career Resources Checklist

ETSU Career Resources Checklist

Prepare for your future . . . starting now

University Career Services
Nell Dossett Hall, 3rd Floor, 2nd floor ARC Offices
[email protected] (423) 439-4450

Freshman year:

  • Learn about yourself by getting involved with fellow students, clubs and organizations
  • Focus on making the best grades you can in all of your classes.
  • Explore majors and careers with University Career Services
  • Read What Can I Do With is Major?
  • Begin to identify the clusters of courses that best t your abilities, interests and values.
  • Review Occupational Outlook Handbook online.
  • Conduct informational interviews to explore careers.
  • Volunteer in areas related to your career interest.
  • Start thinking about internship options in majors that interest you.

Sophomore year:

  • If still undecided about your major take the Solving the Puzzle of Life course.
  • Register on College Central Network for timely employer information.
  • Attend campus career programs and workshops.
  • Go to career fairs and gather information on jobs that interest you.
  • Test career options through part-time jobs or volunteer work or job shadowing.
  • Learn about internship options in your major.
  • Increase involvement in extracurricular activities and seek leadership roles.
  • Join an on-campus pre-professional organization.
  • Write a professional resume and have it edited.

Junior year:

  • Continue to explore the resources available at the UCS or the CBAT Career Services.
  • Schedule a career services appointment with one of the offices above.
  • Secure a career-related internship, co-op or summer job.
  • Research potential employers and graduate schools.
  • Learn about interviews and practice interviewing skills.
  • If you have decided to pursue a graduate degree, apply to graduate schools.

Senior year:

  • Actively plan your transition to work or graduate school.
  • Participate in practice interviews and learn e ective networking practices.
  • Create an account and upload your resume to College Central Network.
  • Develop Linkedin profile.
  • Explore online job search engines.
  • Apply early for positions in your selected eld. Create a job search organizer to track potential jobs.
  • Schedule job interviews.

University Career Services
(For all ETSU students)
Career Planning Calendar
Career Discovery/Choose a Major
Find a Job

College of Business & Technology Career Services
(For COBT students)
Planning Timeline
Informational Interviews
Job Search